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In the News So, what to do with this. If we don't run it, we're pro-Linux. If we do run it, we're pro-Microsoft. And I'm sure that whatever we do, we're anti-Apple somehow. In any case, here we go: the latest market share figures from IDC about servers show that Windows is by far the most popular server operating system in terms of unit sales, increasing its market share even further. Linux, on the other hand, saw its market share in the server market sink a little.
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by NiteRain on Sat 5th Jun 2010 13:14 UTC
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I think it is unfortunate that people use numbers like they tell a story.

True, microsoft is making money regardless. If I were going to get a server, I would buy the server I want, with windows on it, because the linux they offer on the server isn't the one I use, and basically to get it only cost me the price of a CD or DVD. I think a lot of people who have this choice to make would make the same decision.

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