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Google When Google first unveiled its WebM project, there were quite some concerns over its license. This license was incompatible with version 2 and 3 of the GPL, and was effectively a new license, causing unnecessary confusion. Google has now cleared everything up by switching to a regular BSD license.
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I think that comment was tongue in cheek. The only way Google could do anything more awesome with WebM is to release it under an even more relaxed license and pay everyone to use it.

The fact that that would be utterly ridiculous further enhances the point: Google spent $133m to acquire On2 and has given away the most advanced version of one of it's primary technologies to the world.

So much of the focus is on HTML5 at the moment, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The big boys can now make millions selling WebM based HD software and potentially save money incorporating it into their existing products and never have to pay royalties, open source their products, or give anything away themselves. All they have to do is not sue Google over the patents included in WebM.

Microsoft (or Apple, Sony, etc.): "Hmm... should we take the money cow we don't have to pay for, work for, or look bad for - no strings attached, or should we *try* to kill the free cow, spend millions, face a public backlash, potentially have valuable patents invalidated, etc... then we can spend millions of dollars in royalties for an ever so slightly better cow."

... then again, knowing some of the players (*coughMicrosoftcoughApplecough*)... I wouldn't really be surprised if they chose the latter.

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