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In the News So, what to do with this. If we don't run it, we're pro-Linux. If we do run it, we're pro-Microsoft. And I'm sure that whatever we do, we're anti-Apple somehow. In any case, here we go: the latest market share figures from IDC about servers show that Windows is by far the most popular server operating system in terms of unit sales, increasing its market share even further. Linux, on the other hand, saw its market share in the server market sink a little.
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Article is about server marketshare
by jemmjemm on Sat 5th Jun 2010 19:30 UTC
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Well... when the article is about server OS marketshare then why does everyone discuss about laptop/desktop OS marketshare? In that sense status quo has been the same for years - 94% Windows, 5% Mac, 1% Linux (all of my PC's are in the last segment).

However on server side I believe the same what is mentioned in the article - a lot of Linux selfinstalled installations are uncounted and it is hard to find total figures (e.g. Netcraft shows only the webserver market structure).

The small business I work for runs 3 bought Windows servers and 25 selfinstalled Debian GNU/linux servers (i.e. bought as Dell server hardware with no OS). And all new installations during last 5 years are Debians ;)

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