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Google When Google first unveiled its WebM project, there were quite some concerns over its license. This license was incompatible with version 2 and 3 of the GPL, and was effectively a new license, causing unnecessary confusion. Google has now cleared everything up by switching to a regular BSD license.
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How did they undermine kerberos? By adding their own proprietary extensions?

Yes, because those extensions made their kerberos implementation incompatible with the standard implementation in unix. It's not a perfect analogy to what lemur2 claimed would be impossible, but a pretty close match.

If that same software was GPLd they wouldn't be using it at all. Would that be a win for open source? What would be gained?

I am not claiming that at all. As said, I agree the BSD license is a sane choice in this case. But it does not provide the safeties lemur2 talks about.

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