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Google When Google first unveiled its WebM project, there were quite some concerns over its license. This license was incompatible with version 2 and 3 of the GPL, and was effectively a new license, causing unnecessary confusion. Google has now cleared everything up by switching to a regular BSD license.
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There is only one reason for Apple to make an incompatible fork: DRM. This would only affect people relying on DRM video, which is not free and open in any way. The only reason for Apple (or others) to do that: not to pay royalties to MPEG LA and use an acceptable codec.
I don't think this is the case, but if so, it's not a big loose. Just a moral one for Apple.

The main advantage of BSD license is the fact that companies that otherwise would not touch it, could build there closed source optimize versions of encoder/decoder.

For Google this is not about money. It is about image: imposing an open standard and so being seen as a protector of open web. This is why they to push WebM so hard.

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