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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A number of recent reports provide a new picture of the current smart phone market landscape and the trends likely to impact that landscape over the coming year. The latest US market share report by Nielsen shows both the iPhone OS and Android growing at the expense of Windows Mobile and the Blackberry OS.
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RE[4]: Funny statistics
by ariarinen on Mon 7th Jun 2010 11:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Funny statistics"
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I believe Nokia was the first to add a GPS in a phone and Nokia is part of the core working group that design wifi.

But indeed, wifi and GPS is only available in high end Nokia phones. You mention the price as a reason. It's true but I should add battery life, size, weigh and robustness. And that is what most people want. They don't care much about GPS and Wifi. They want small rock solid phones with long battery life. Only geeks use the wifi on their mobile phone. People are quick to bash Nokia because they sell so called low end phones without wifi or GPS when actually it is what most people buy. Competitors sell phones without MMS, without 3G and without GPS and call that a revolution because apparently people don't care about features but when it's Nokia apparently it should have multitouch, wifi, gps and all the geek stuff to be usable.

I belive that an other Finnish company was the first to add GPS and that company is Benefon (GeoSentric current name) with their Benefon Esc! 1999. But among the big players its possible that Nokia where first, I think N95 where the first one to have GPS from Nokia. And they are one of the six founders of Wi-Fi Alliance.

But Wifi and GPS are coming to more and more entry level phones. Nokia has a good position in GPS when they own NAVTEQ and GPS chip prices are falling. So today GPS and Wifi can be found in the 100 € range and both GPS and Wifi in the 150 to 200 € range.

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