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Linux Employees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have ported Sun's/Oracle's ZFS natively to Linux. Linux already had a ZFS port in userspace via FUSE, since license incompatibilities between the CDDL and GPL prevent ZFS from becoming part of the Linux kernel. This project solves the licensing issue by distributing ZFS as a separate kernel module users will have to download and build for themselves.
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ZFS for Linux definitive good
by churlish_Helmut on Mon 7th Jun 2010 11:20 UTC
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Porting ZFS to Linux is definitve a good effort. Seriously, i think that the ZFS is one of superior items of Solaris and should be ported.

Especially for the fact that OpenSolaris 10.06 ... err. . .i mean 10.07 will be the last release of this OS.

But the way how to get ZFS to Linux is to complicated, especially for the common user, who maybe is not really interested in ZFS. So the license should be changed; So, what about the Linux Kernel under CDDL ? ;-)

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