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Apple As everybody already expected, Apple "unveiled" the new iPhone tonight. It's called the iPhone 4, and brings the iPhone up to par with what's already available on other smartphone platforms, hardware wise, while raising the bar on a few specific points (the display, mostly). The company also announced a name change for its mobile operating system - it's now called iOS. What we didn't get during this year's WWDC keynote? News about the Mac, Mac OS X, or the Apple TV. Make no mistake: the iPhone and iPad is where it's at.
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RE[3]: Idiots
by fgrasset on Tue 8th Jun 2010 00:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Idiots"
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Comparing the common expression « openbar » and the word « open » in the ISO mean is not serious!! The word « open » come from the 70’s (or even before) at a time when IBM use it’s own « standard » and didn’t publish them.

Now « open » means that is published and the specs (an *complete*) are publicly available, but:
1) It’s not mandatory for the Specs to be free
2) Some patents may affect some parts, in which case some « fairuse » should be attached
So that everyone can use them...

That the case for h264! This codec is part of more general standards.

MPEG-LA is the bad one as you said, not h264!! There are not the owner of the standard!!! They are the proxy of the owners of the patents!!!
The combat here is to have a predictable and clear licensing policy and make sure that such policy respect the « fairuse ».

But again you’re the one who is misleading here!! H264 is an Open Standard by any normalization organization...

At this level, as a journalist you should keep the fact and stop saying false assertion!

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