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Linux Employees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have ported Sun's/Oracle's ZFS natively to Linux. Linux already had a ZFS port in userspace via FUSE, since license incompatibilities between the CDDL and GPL prevent ZFS from becoming part of the Linux kernel. This project solves the licensing issue by distributing ZFS as a separate kernel module users will have to download and build for themselves.
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Thanks for the explanation.

Not like that is going to happen, Solaris is going proprietary anyway.

What makes you think this? What would it even mean to "go proprietary"? Scrapping the CDDL? Really? To me it seems like the open-source nature of Solaris is the only thing keeping it vibrant. HP/UX and AIX may still have plenty of customers, but the question is, what percentage are just legacy? With Solaris I actually see some potential for growth, precisely because it is open-source.

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