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OSNews, Generic OSes Hobbies. Where would the computer industry be without them? Arguably, there wouldn't be a computer industry had it not been for hobbyists in the first place. The ineffable need to scratch an itch does still percolate even in this closed down world of big mainstream technology from big companies opposed to the little guy innovating. OSNews asks, what are you working on? We want to hear from you about your hobby projects (technology related or otherwise) to get a sense of what the community is cooking up for love of it, rather than because you're paid to do so. Share and enjoy!
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My sailboat was going noplace....
by alcibiades on Tue 8th Jun 2010 20:30 UTC
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My sailing boat was going nowhere, the hull shape is totally not suited to sailing, but it probably is to rowing, so I cut out the centreboard,patched the hole this left in the bottom, studied up on how to position rowlocks and seat, and am converting it to a rowing boat. And repaired the old oars someone gave me. Next week is rowing trials. If you hear no more from me, it sank!

By the way, if you ever want to build a boat, get Greg Carlson's software Hulls.

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