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Apple When Apple announced its iAd mobile advertising initiative, many of us wondered how this would effect other mobile advertising agencies on the iPhone, and more specifically, Google's AdMob. Well, now we know: Apple has revised its iOS developer agreement to specifically lock out Google's AdMod. And then people wonder why Apple is no longer the darling of the geek world.
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Darling of Wall Street world...
by SuperDaveOsbourne on Tue 8th Jun 2010 23:31 UTC
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I gave up on apple a number of years ago, the locked iPhone was the start and end of my interest in their mobile device space. Its a hack system limiting too much to the end user and developer particularly. Apple is the darling to WS and we all know what those bastards got into with sub prime loans. Apple is speculative, with earnings to share value 10 times riskier than 'stable' companies on the edge of valuation risk. Apple should not be rewarded for limiting technology, and yet the masses are lining up, sadly.

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