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Apple When Apple announced its iAd mobile advertising initiative, many of us wondered how this would effect other mobile advertising agencies on the iPhone, and more specifically, Google's AdMob. Well, now we know: Apple has revised its iOS developer agreement to specifically lock out Google's AdMod. And then people wonder why Apple is no longer the darling of the geek world.
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RE[3]: Gloves
by rhetoric.sendmemoney on Wed 9th Jun 2010 00:34 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Gloves"
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Well... actually google have the choice between Apple and Microsoft for their desktop computer (chromeOS nor android are ready for that yet, Linux is here but can’t replace completely yet).

And here the one who don’t need other is... Microsoft

** Why does google need Apple or Microsoft for desktop? They are a search provider. They only need to make sure there stuff WORKS on OSX and Windows... they don't need it. They already dropped Windows as an option in their organization anyways. Google can and does do business running Linux. Apple (like Linux) is solely an employee choice.

Thus Google still need Apple for one thing... oh and for WebKit (Google do work for chromium but what about webkit itself??? Apple engineer have to made WebKit 2 in order to have the tab isolation of chromium...)

++ Webkit is open source through and through. Apple develops a lot of it but it was open source before Apple and would be open source without Apple.

The user need goggle essentially for the search part... for other services well Apple, Microsoft and lot of other company provide them too (yes for map also ;) )
Thus I think Google are happy that Apple still use Google Map, provide easy access to Google Mail, etc

++ As Stephen Colbert (roughly) put it last night. "Whats Bing? Its a search engine! How do I know? I googled it!"

Enough said.

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