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Apple When Apple announced its iAd mobile advertising initiative, many of us wondered how this would effect other mobile advertising agencies on the iPhone, and more specifically, Google's AdMob. Well, now we know: Apple has revised its iOS developer agreement to specifically lock out Google's AdMod. And then people wonder why Apple is no longer the darling of the geek world.
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RE[4]: Gloves
by fgrasset on Wed 9th Jun 2010 00:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Gloves"
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** Why does google need Apple or Microsoft for desktop? They are a search provider. They only need to make sure there stuff WORKS on OSX and Windows... they don't need it. They already dropped Windows as an option in their organization anyways. Google can and does do business running Linux. Apple (like Linux) is solely an employee choice.

Lol, and you think that an IT company work with pen and paper on their desktop... yes in some ways... but they NEEDS computer... and in the case of Google it’s a strategic choice...

++ Webkit is open source through and through. Apple develops a lot of it but it was open source before Apple and would be open source without Apple.

Well, I think your wrong (again ;) ) WebKit is an Apple project, they create it as a fork of the KHTML sources (a very good Web engine I used on daily basis), but they made it a *serious* Web engine (well after some years of efforts).
About WebKit be open-source without Apple... well not with that name... and sure not a lot of company are ready to spend that much money (lot of people involved mostly fix part that are related to their port or are reviewer). Thus actually google need apple to work on the core engine.
(But when the 3D part done by google will become mainstream, then we can thanks google for this major contribution)

++ As Stephen Colbert (roughly) put it last night. "Whats Bing? Its a search engine! How do I know? I googled it! »
Enough said.

What means the verb « gloogled » ? I search on bing... (no I just kidding)... thus what the point aside some funny words?

Say more...

The fact that google is so much present is a big concern... that why I just use google when I need using... everything else chrome ;)

and the fact is that search engine aside, every other service have a equivalent or even better counter part by other company that don’t sell me to the ad business (or I hope...).

Thus in order to still reach people like me (i’m not the only one) they need company like Apple (and even microsoft) while they still have some market share...

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