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Apple When Apple announced its iAd mobile advertising initiative, many of us wondered how this would effect other mobile advertising agencies on the iPhone, and more specifically, Google's AdMob. Well, now we know: Apple has revised its iOS developer agreement to specifically lock out Google's AdMod. And then people wonder why Apple is no longer the darling of the geek world.
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RE[3]: Can we say..
by apoclypse on Wed 9th Jun 2010 01:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Can we say.."
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Had you read my post fully, you would know what I was getting at. Basically letting AdMob on the iphone is tantamount to someone putting a hidden camera in your retail store to see what your customers are buying so that I can sell it cheaper at my store down the street.

You are basically saying its okay for Google to learn about Apple's hardware, and track their customers, even though Google itself is a competitor? And you don't think that's anti-competitive or at least an unfair advantage to Google?

Fanboi much? I know people think Google shits gold sometimes, just like most Apple fanboys think Apple shits platinum, but at the end of the day they are both businesses and they have to protect their profits. Giving one of your biggest competitor access to your platform isn't very smart. Its like the Airforce opening up its doors saying hey guys you can take a look at how we build our jets and how to use them and then being surprised when China builds one just like it.

AdMob gives Google too much power in the mobile space as a platform maker themselves. If Android didn't exist, there wouldn't be an issue. Apple is not blocking other ad services from the platform, just those that have their own mobile OS. As large as the user base of the iPhone is compared to Android, I find it hard to believe that Google wouldn't use the stats form AdMob to try to steal customers from Apple or glean information about Apple' hardware and divulge it to their hardware partners to beat them to market.

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