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Apple When Apple announced its iAd mobile advertising initiative, many of us wondered how this would effect other mobile advertising agencies on the iPhone, and more specifically, Google's AdMob. Well, now we know: Apple has revised its iOS developer agreement to specifically lock out Google's AdMod. And then people wonder why Apple is no longer the darling of the geek world.
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by Manish on Wed 9th Jun 2010 09:15 UTC in reply to "RE: ...."
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Apple is a big player in the open-source world, and not only for Webkit but also for lot of other software... the condition is that these software are not strategic ones. That simple and that true for every company.

Another post of misinformation. You know the history of Webkit-KHTML? Apple was forced to open the source to Webkit. They didn't do it on their own. They are not big players in open source world. RedHat is. Novell is. Collabora is. Google is. Intel is.
Secondly, these days Google invests more resources in Webkit development. The commits to webkit is the highest of all.

And aside I’m not happy that any company can get some of my data without my authorization... (and that why I don’t really use Google Mail, even if I’m forced to have one... vendor locking... again...)

Isn't it anonymous data? Or they specifically track you? Anonymous data is not termed *your* data. Next, you will cry that website foo has it's website traffic stats available and also tells what % of users came by which browser. You can also cry on that since it's your data made available to everyone? HYPOCRISY!

When (and if) iAd is ported to Android we’ll see how google will react... I’m sure that then, privacy will become an important matter...

Google won't react. This is the prime difference. I am not a Google supporter, but I know they won't and can't since Android is an open platform. Plus, since you can sideload apps, iAd can be made available for many Apps stores and not just Android Marketplace.

But what means the restriction made by Apple? It means that collecting data from apps must be done by a third-party company (not in ad business)... so that probably what adMob will do and then... business as usual...

It simply means locking out competitors ruthlessly. Specifically Google.

but direct competitors will not have direct access to these data (well we have to believe in that...)
I don’t even see how Google and its adMob are getting out... eventually there will have to spend more money...

You are an Apple apologist. I think one day google will add a clause that independent firms cannot hand over data to competitors to fully lock out competitors.

Apple motto - "Think different, as long as you agree with me"

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