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The Syllable project is pleased to announce that the reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, and that the new version 0.4 of Syllable Server has been released. This release focuses on maturing existing functionality, improving security, ongoing system restructuring, and making the system a suitable base for third-party package managers. Although the project admits it hasn't brought its unicorn factory online yet, extensive work was done on the nitty-gritty, so the full change log is quite long.

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RE[7]: Cool, I guess...
by Kaj-de-Vos on Wed 9th Jun 2010 23:25 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Cool, I guess..."
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Again, I perfectly understand. People like to get attention, but when you're a small team, you have to make a choice before talking and actually working on stuff. It's a complicated trade-off. Writing random posts about personal ramblings to let people know that you're still alive may help, it's a strategy which I've often seen applied and try to apply myself.

Yes. There are two considerations for us here. One is that we've already been babbling every day for more than half a decade in our groupware system. That's among the contributors, people who make an effort for us. Other people have always bluntly refused to take part in this. I know it's a darknet, and there's a big difference between the internal and external views of the project, but we're not going to compromise the efficiency of our internal work communication for people who only want to lurk and refuse to make an effort.

The other consideration follows from this. It's much less efficient for us to publish to public places such as the web, so we need to optimise that to make it acceptable. For this, I develop my CMS as a strategic solution. Such a thing takes time, so it's another part of our development plan. Our web sites have been running on it for a few years now. It supports translated web sites and the translators can post their own articles, but it's not comfortable enough yet that they use that opportunity a lot. A year ago we added comprehensive RSS feeds, so together with all the SourceForge and Ohloh output the lurkers are already catered to quite well. We will continue to extend this. We're working on making the content of our groupware system available on the web (the web sites themselves are managed in it, but there's also chat, a calendar and check lists). This will be running on Syllable Server, so everything will come together there.

"The current release is the next step in our strategic plan. I can tell you that it has allowed us to ditch all other Linux distros from our systems in the past few months, including our desktops, laptops and servers. The result is not yet suitable for publication, so we use it internally, but it is a major step towards eating our own dog food.

Well, could you give, say, some SVN access ? ;)
Yes and no. We don't do Subversion. We are still on CVS because there are many considerations for us in choosing an alternative. However, what I'm talking about is simply in our CVS just like Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server.

Just joking. I personally think that long-term evolution of desktop OSs requires completely getting rid of the UNIX legacy and making something which is really optimized for the job from the ground up. But that's a somewhat extreme approach that won't give serious results until many years. If it does give results.

Our fundamental approach to this is REBOL.

In meantime, I might get tempted by switching from Linux to another development platform like Haiku or Syllabe, if they provide the right tools and that innovative bit which makes the system funnier and a pleasure to work with ;)

Keep up the good work !


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