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Google This was inevitable. AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui has responded to Apple blocking AdMob from the iOS ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, Hamoui isn't particularly amused, claiming that not only is it bad for competition, it will also hurt developers and users alike.
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by mrhasbean on Thu 10th Jun 2010 01:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: iCROSOFT"
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If I make a website I would to display the same ads regardless of the viewers platform.

An you can. Non-Flash based Google's ads will still display on web sites, but then there's even technology being developed to allow Flash ads to happen as we saw the other day. This is where the g00ks are muddying the waters to confuse people. What we're talking about is IN APP ads, not web site ads. If you want to put Google ads on your web site they will still be displayed on the iPhone. This is NOT about web advertising as some would want you to believe, this is about IN APP advertising.

So again, if Apple want to put those restrictions on development tools that they create it's their prerogative. People don't have to develop for the iPhone, people don't have to buy an iPhone. If you CHOOSE to do either you know UP FRONT what you are getting into because you are presented with T&C's and / or a License Agreement. Unlike Google where you don't get asked shit, they just take what they want and do whatever they like with it.

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