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Microsoft It's late here, but we're having election night, and the two leading parties are currently tied seat-wise, with a 10000-vote difference. Anyway, it gives me some time to cover a major problem: Microsoft is at it again. The company has pushed an update through Windows Update which silently, without user consent, installs two browser extensions - one for Internet Explorer, and one for Firefox.
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Doesn't this highlight why Windows itself is inherently insecure? Microsoft leave themselves these loopholes which allows them to silently install what they want (presumably after you have accepted the install in the first place) into non-MS apps. So is it any wonder when you happen to click on some innocent looking link/button on an innocent looking website it is possible for your computer to become completely p0wned?

Shouldn't there be a message saying... hold on, this application you have launched which has nothing to do with Firefox wants to bugger with Firefox... are you sure about this?

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