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Microsoft While WWDC is underway, Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit has announced that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will be available in 32bit only. Microsoft has not yet completed the transition to from Carbon to Cocoa since it has focussed on increasing compatibility between Office for Windows and Office for Mac, and since Carbon is only available in 32bit, Redmond doesn't really have a choice. While it won't affect users in any meaningful way (unless you use gigantic spreadsheets or something), it has some Mac users riled up.
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RE: trading places
by draburn on Thu 10th Jun 2010 08:34 UTC in reply to "trading places"
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Sorry but... what?!

Microsoft is doing real work to improve inter-operation with Linux.

Yeah, pushing ooxml and the like I guess. OS X is *nix, orders of magnitude more compatible by default. Additionally, apple uses open standards in many places where microsoft doesn't (exchange anyone?).

They are making real contributions to open source software.

Can you name 3 examples? Here are three apple ones: webkit, grand central dispatch, CalendarServer.

Making sure OSS runs on Windows.

... and I thought that OSS developers should get these kudos...

and even listening to their users to find out what enhancements are most important!

OMFG! They started listening after beginning to lose users. What a surprise.

It wasn't that long ago that I'd have trusted a politician more than Microsoft, and thought Apple slightly better than the industry average. Now its Apple I distrust, and Microsoft looks about the same as all the other big players in the industry.

The same as other big players as in "IBM, RedHat" or as in "Oracle, Cisco"? Don't forget an extremely important point: MS, Oracle and Cisco have practical monopolies in their core businesses, whereas IBM, RedHand and Apple haven't. This reason alone makes me prefer the later ones...

I couldn't care less about Apple's draconian conditions around the iPhone/whatever, because I don't *have to* use it. Additionally, they have *no way* of indirectly forcing me to use any of their shit.

Microsoft is still another story. My trust goes to the politician (who's lobbied my MS anyway) until this changes, sorry.

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