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Microsoft It's late here, but we're having election night, and the two leading parties are currently tied seat-wise, with a 10000-vote difference. Anyway, it gives me some time to cover a major problem: Microsoft is at it again. The company has pushed an update through Windows Update which silently, without user consent, installs two browser extensions - one for Internet Explorer, and one for Firefox.
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Comment by Toonie
by Toonie on Thu 10th Jun 2010 10:47 UTC
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Well, this is M$, what on earth do you expect? Personally I never use WU and have it disabled and removed as far as I can. I run XP with SP3 and that's it. I run a third party firewall (PC Tools) and use it to block IE, not because of any grudge but because it has often been used by trojans to bypass firewalls in the past. I run FF and do keep that up to date. I am also behind a router (as I'm sure 99+% here are). Never have a problem with this set-up, very stable, AND I never get bugged by M$'s and others attempts to hijack my machine.

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