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Microsoft While WWDC is underway, Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit has announced that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will be available in 32bit only. Microsoft has not yet completed the transition to from Carbon to Cocoa since it has focussed on increasing compatibility between Office for Windows and Office for Mac, and since Carbon is only available in 32bit, Redmond doesn't really have a choice. While it won't affect users in any meaningful way (unless you use gigantic spreadsheets or something), it has some Mac users riled up.
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I was really disappointed when Apple announced that 10.6 would be 64bit on select machines, despite that nearly all of their modern laptops and desktops were running of 64bit chips. It made me regret buying my 13 inch white macbook despite the fact that it could run 64bit just fine if they wanted it to. So the fact that Microsoft has opted to ship a 32bit version of Office doesnt hurt my feelings at all, and even though it's not their fault, I feel like I'm now even with all those 64bit users out there (at least when it comes to office).

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