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Multimedia, AV It's been a very long wait, but the release is finally here: Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1. Since Flash has come under increasing scrutiny, there's a lot at stake here for Adobe. This release is supposed to use far less resources while still being faster, more stable, and more secure. Update: No 64bit Flash player for now - on any platform. The Linux beta has been axed.
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Found my first 10.1 flash bug!
by malxau on Thu 10th Jun 2010 23:25 UTC
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Flash 10.0 will exit gracefully when hosted from a GTK1 (Linux) browser. Flash 10.1 crashes the browser. I keep multiple browsers (GTK1 Firefox 2 + GTK2 FireFox 3.6) so that I have a 'stable' browser to run that flash won't touch and hence it won't crash and misbehave.

Sigh. Now I'll need to move the plugin into the browser dir (rather than home dir) to keep one browser flash-free.

It never ceases to amaze me how browsers can be solid (and big!) and the much smaller flash causes so much trouble. There's definitely a quality gap between Adobe and the rest of the industry.

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