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Mozilla & Gecko clones WebM support has been added to Firefox trunk. "Today I landed Firefox's WebM support on mozilla-central, our Firefox development branch. It should appear in nightly builds from tonight onwards. Firefox should build with WebM support without needing any extra changes to your build configuration, unless you're building on Win32, where you'll need to have MASM installed in order to compile libvpx's optimized assembly."
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Works in Opera also on Linux
by baryluk on Fri 11th Jun 2010 16:01 UTC
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Good news.

TO all Opera fans, I want to say that on Linux with newest gstreamer libs (i.e. Debian unstable), one can pla webm content without problem in Opera 10.6x snapshots! It just works.

Maybe there is some need make it even better (like faster seeking), but it works, and i use it already without problem, in 10.60.

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