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Microsoft While WWDC is underway, Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit has announced that Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 will be available in 32bit only. Microsoft has not yet completed the transition to from Carbon to Cocoa since it has focussed on increasing compatibility between Office for Windows and Office for Mac, and since Carbon is only available in 32bit, Redmond doesn't really have a choice. While it won't affect users in any meaningful way (unless you use gigantic spreadsheets or something), it has some Mac users riled up.
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RE: thats fine
by Brett Legree on Fri 11th Jun 2010 16:56 UTC in reply to "thats fine"
Brett Legree
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I can see both sides, as a Mac user (who is not riled up, though).

I figure for a lot of people who are bent out of shape, it's just a "bragging rights" thing.

I mean, I am more effective today on my multi-core multi-gigabyte machine than I was in 1990 on my 286 running DOS 3.3 and WordPerfect 5.1, but not orders of magnitude so.

The 64-bit version of Office 2011 (if/when it comes) won't make a difference in your effectiveness over the 32-bit version, but you can tell all your friends at the water cooler that you have it ;)

Kind of like having a car with 400 hp and then driving it in stop-and-go traffic... bragging rights only, that you never fully utilize.

Me - I just want 2011 to come out on time, and I want it to be fast and stable. Sixty-four can wait, it's just a number.

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