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Multimedia, AV It's been a very long wait, but the release is finally here: Adobe has released Flash Player 10.1. Since Flash has come under increasing scrutiny, there's a lot at stake here for Adobe. This release is supposed to use far less resources while still being faster, more stable, and more secure. Update: No 64bit Flash player for now - on any platform. The Linux beta has been axed.
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There's more to Flash than video
by phoenix on Fri 11th Jun 2010 17:31 UTC
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And 10.1 is no better than 10.0 for the non-video uses.

You can still bring a multi-core, 3+ GHz system with 4 GB of RAM to its knees when running Flash games like Farmville. Even on 64-bit Windows 7, with a recent graphics chipset with over 512 MB of video RAM.

My wife complains daily about how crappy her new laptop is because all her Facebook games are just as slow as they were on her P3 1 GHz laptop with 768 MB of RAM and Windows XP.

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