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OSNews, Generic OSes Hobbies. Where would the computer industry be without them? Arguably, there wouldn't be a computer industry had it not been for hobbyists in the first place. The ineffable need to scratch an itch does still percolate even in this closed down world of big mainstream technology from big companies opposed to the little guy innovating. OSNews asks, what are you working on? We want to hear from you about your hobby projects (technology related or otherwise) to get a sense of what the community is cooking up for love of it, rather than because you're paid to do so. Share and enjoy!
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Too Many Hobby Projects
by weildish on Fri 11th Jun 2010 20:24 UTC
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The limited time I have is sucked up by various tech-related projects. Some in the past year have failed, so I won't mention those to save face. Currently, I'm:

--Rearranging and, to some extent, remodeling my study (aka bedroom/office hybrid) for the ultimate nerdy experience (and to submit pictures of it to the Lifehacker workspace pool and feel sophisticated).

--Slowly ripping all of my DVDs to my computer to eventually convert my existing computer to a media center PC for the family room downstairs. I've also been accumulating new hard drives for the media center-- that's now complete.

--Slowly working through a few OSNews projects that'll hopefully translate into delicious articles. Verrry slowly.

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