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OSNews, Generic OSes Starting next week, Thom Holwerda will be beginning a seven week internship at a Netherlands-based translation firm, so he'll be cutting his OSNews efforts back, and the rest of the OSNews team is going to need to fill in. We've been talking forever about how we need to recruit new editors to freshen up the viewpoints here at OSNews, and I guess there's nothing like a crisis to force everybody to do what they should have done a long time ago. So if you think you have something to contribute to the OSNews effort, read on.
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Writing, editing...
by lubod on Sat 12th Jun 2010 01:01 UTC
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First, I'd be willing to help with writing or editing, though I don't have any story ideas at the moment.

SuperDaveOsbourne: Please chill out a little. I've found myself in disagreement with Thom's stated opinion often enough (though we do agree on some topics as well), but anyone who does half of what he does for this site pro bono deserves some respect, rather than ad hominem attacks. No one fired him, since if its volunteer 'work' they can't, it sounds more like he's stepping down temporarily, of his own free will. That whole '...door hit you on the way out' line was so reminiscent of 14 year olds with no social skills playing Doom while drinking too much caffeine. It is in the interest of everyone, both the site operators and visitors to remain civil and gives reasoned arguments, not random flaming.

darknexus: If the 'staff' cares, I hope they do let you write stuff up, you are one of the posters that exemplifies the mature attitude the site needs to avoid becoming 'the worst of slashdot' (fanboish name calling with no useful content). In other words you have my vote.

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