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Microsoft "Microsoft has fixed the distribution scope of a toolbar update that, without the user's knowledge, installed an add-on in Internet Explorer and an extension in Firefox called Search Helper Extension. Microsoft told us that the new update is actually the same as the old one; the only difference is the distribution settings. In other words, the update will no longer be distributed to toolbars that it shouldn't be added to. End users won't see the tweak, Microsoft told Ars, and also offered an explanation on what the mystery add-on actually does."
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RE[7]: Comment by marcp
by marcp on Sun 13th Jun 2010 09:28 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by marcp"
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"A little more to the point and descriptive and most likely what he meant. Let's just leave appliances out of it and it makes perfect sense. It should be clear this person is not talking about his VCR, microwave, washing machine, dryer, car or whatever else... he's referring to his personal computers; desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, etc. The things that are built to be re-programmable. I'm sure the OP did NOT mean what you interpreted it as.

Basically, what I'm saying is, you're probably just getting upset over a misinterpretation of what the OP originally said. Don't take it like he's trying to be a hypocrite just for the hell of it to spread lies or something"

And this is exactly what I meant. Darknexus seems to have a problem of some sort with interpreting other people's words, because he probobly sees in black and white scheme only [linux enthusiasts and 'bad, commercial apps world, while most of the ppl here knows that linux is just a friggin' tip of the iceberg]. I'd probobly say I was talking about the computers but isn't it OBVIOUS on plus - darknexus' argument about closed source appliances works other way round too: there are plenty of stuff with opensourced code used in cars, microwaves, vcrs and so on [but that was NOT my point. I was referring to the things i HAVE an influence on and I was talking about PCs].
Keep it real darknexus and don't let yout false sense of your intellectual self-reliability and self-esteem to mess with the real meaning of other people's words. I'm not playing a role in your play, I don't even use linux as my main OS of choice ...

P.S your argument about my presumed superiority is completely ridiculous. I don't feel superior to anyone or anything because I don't need to. Besides - how on earth the OS you use would make you superior in any way ...? that's simply beyond me.

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