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OSNews, Generic OSes Starting next week, Thom Holwerda will be beginning a seven week internship at a Netherlands-based translation firm, so he'll be cutting his OSNews efforts back, and the rest of the OSNews team is going to need to fill in. We've been talking forever about how we need to recruit new editors to freshen up the viewpoints here at OSNews, and I guess there's nothing like a crisis to force everybody to do what they should have done a long time ago. So if you think you have something to contribute to the OSNews effort, read on.
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RE[2]: Writing, editing...
by lubod on Sun 13th Jun 2010 11:30 UTC in reply to "RE: Writing, editing..."
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Morgan: your comments are rather well thought out as well. The site could do worse for contributors.

P.S. Since voodoomoth said "I second", that would make you third. Which is a good thing, so far as darknexus' chances of writing something up is concerned. Minor point of order 'nazism'.

P.P.S. Should reiterate that anyone who contributed to the site deserves a 'thank you' (at least), and the h8rs deserve 'u w4nk3r'.

Matt: I understand (and empathize with) your POV. Apple stuff is overhyped, especially in Murikqa! OTOH, That rant URL is a bit 'Aspberger syndrome' (really). 'My international mega-corp is better than your international mega-corp!' Where have I heard this before (said as a sometime fan of both companies' products)? Ooh, I know, my team will KILL your team THIS year! No offence intended, please accept this as personal commentary, not a flame. Apple makes nice product but their policies often SUCK for both the customer and developer. Nokia also makes nice stuff, but sometimes their future direction is uh, erratic? I have the N800, since the N770(?) seemed a bit prototype, and bound to be obsolete, to put it nicely. And then the 810 came out, and N900 after that, all within what, 5 years? And people accuse Apple of planned obsolescence? I understand new developments in mobile hardware and OSes/Toolkits were pushing them in new, unanticipated directions, but seriously, slow down a bit! Don't dump the last model every time you change Toolkits, please.

nt_jerkface: Again, no offence, but while I am not judging you if you played Doom at 14 after drinking too much Dew, (I can see how it was fun), it is useful in an FPS, but in a forum where people share knowledge, not so much. Moderation in all things has been a proverb since the Roman Empire was the greatest power in all of Europe (perhaps longer? Speaking as someone who was born and raised in Europe until age 11 and grew up in the US for the past 2+ decades).

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