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Google We don't get too many details when it comes to Google's Chrome OS, but this tiny little tidbit dug up by The Register is certainly quite interesting. It looks as if Google is working on implementing remote desktop-like functionality into Chrome OS so you can directly control applications running on other computers within the browser.
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NX to the Cloud
by Lobotomik on Sun 13th Jun 2010 16:49 UTC
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I am sure that Google does not intend users to remote desktop into their Windows PCs, but rather that they use full desktop apps that run on Google servers but display on the user screen via internet-optimized X.

An instance of OpenOffice running on their servers would be enough for hundreds or thousands of users, and these users would perceive it to be as fast as it would be on a fast desktop PC, although they would be using a cheap netbook with a low-power ARM device.

I think of OpenOffice because GoogleDocs is hardly a powerhouse office suite; and why spend time and money turning it into one, when the added complesity might be undesirable for its intended users, and when there is an alternative for power users available today, for free?

Of course, the same stands for many other Linux desktop apps, maybe after passing some sort of quality assurance by Google.

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