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BeOS & Derivatives Andrew Hudson, whose recent article on BFS over at ARSTechnica intrigued us, shares with us some thoughts on the state of apps on Haiku. It turns out there are several repositories with a vast array of applications ready-to-go for your new Haiku install.
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A topic near & dear...
by StephenBeDoper on Tue 15th Jun 2010 01:41 UTC
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2005-07-06 most of my Haiku testing so far has been a process of mounting BeOS partition and going through the apps folder to see what works.

One pressing question, though: no SoundPlay?!?!?

A few others I would add to the list:

- HandBrake - similar situation as VLC, I believe - it runs, but only an older version is available).
- ftp_fs - NetPenguin is nice (speaking as an old-time "Fetch" fan), but it's showing its age.
- im_kit - probably the most interesting approach to a multi-protocol IM client on any OS.
- Dockbert - I'm sure there are many people clamoring to see it on Haiku... okay, probably just me.

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