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Bugs & Viruses Recently, the Linux version of UnrealIRCd was discovered to have had a Trojan worm its way into the source code. Even more embarrassing for the developers of Unreal is that the Trojan's been holding open the backdoor in the source code since November of 2009-- not very recently. And, of course, bloggers and press in general are taking the opportunity of another breach in Linux security to point out doomsday devices that don't really exist.
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Ouch, but maybe this is good too
by darknexus on Tue 15th Jun 2010 02:48 UTC
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Ouch, and that seriously sucks for Unreal IRCD. They'll probably have a bad rep for a while, perhaps even a deserved one if they weren't securing their servers properly. Now, I think this could also be a good thing. How many times have I heard that just because something is open source that it's automatically more secure than closed software? I can't even count how many times that particular story gets tossed about, and this at least should put an end to it at least for those who can think critically. It doesn't matter if your software is foss or not if someone gets into your server and puts a backdoor in it, pure and simple, and for the casual user there is no security difference between open and closed source.
As for the bloggers, well I find a good majority of the internet blogs aren't worth the electrons they waste. If anyone even says this is related to Linux, that's reason to immediately disbelieve them. It wouldn't have mattered if this were to be installed on Linux, *BSD, OS X... if the trojan was in the source, it would hit you no matter what.

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