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Bugs & Viruses Recently, the Linux version of UnrealIRCd was discovered to have had a Trojan worm its way into the source code. Even more embarrassing for the developers of Unreal is that the Trojan's been holding open the backdoor in the source code since November of 2009-- not very recently. And, of course, bloggers and press in general are taking the opportunity of another breach in Linux security to point out doomsday devices that don't really exist.
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by lemur2 on Tue 15th Jun 2010 10:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by flanque"
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It's not a security problem at all. At least not at the OS level.

If the people running the server had sent their tainted app to Apple, then you would be able to pay to have a Trojan in your iPhone. Until Apple took it down because it allows for extra functionality.

But still, Windows and Linux security are on the same league. In the case of Linux it is more aggravating if anything because the features are there somewhere, only disabled or enabled with holes. I am no elite hacker and I can still go from gets() to arbitrary command execution in my latest Ubuntu Karmic amd64 with the default options. All because of dubious GCC "optimizations".

It is not at all difficult to write malware for any system at all.

The only place that people can put obstacles in the way is to prevent malware from getting on to a system in the first place.

The system of open source repositories in conjunction with package managers is the only system for distributing a complete set of software devised to date that has a good record in respect of malware.

You could indeed write code that exploited functions in Linux to get to execute arbitrary code (such as a keylogger), but that will not help you in your malicious intent against Linux users if you cannot get them to install your malware installer in the first place.

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