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Apple Apple have updated the Mac Mini. It now sports an aluminium (no, I am not going to spell it "aluminum") enclosure, an HDMI port, an internal PSU (no power-brick!) and oddly, an SD card slot in the back. There's also an access hole on the bottom to change the RAM easily.
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RE: Not bad, but...
by BlueofRainbow on Tue 15th Jun 2010 11:03 UTC in reply to "Not bad, but..."
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Preference for front or back for the SD-Card slot would depend on the frequency of use.....Anyhow, after a few times, it becomes more a by-feel insertion of the card than really looking for the slot.

Aiming at the HTPC use would require having a Blue-Ray drive.....I did not note such option. Maybe it's kept in reserve for the second generation of this design?

The easier access to the RAM slots is welcome - not everybody is skilled at prying things open with putty knifes!

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