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Linux Dell has posted a page extolling the virtues of Linux (Ubuntu in particular), with a quick explanation of what Linux is and how it compares against Windows. Of course, the page links off to Dell's various computers that ship with Linux pre-installed.
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You mean Lucid. Canonical has since Karmic released Ubuntu 10.4 which has been out for nearly fifty days now.

And which I was using to type that. One can't keep up with the silly animal names thanks :p

What you say is true, but I still have a hard time seeing Dell at fault. They saw an opportunity and invested into that, had they been asked to wait... who knows if they would be selling Ubuntu laptops at all. Some people would be happier if they released a plain Fedora rawhide that doesn't support some of the hardware but that's hardly supporting an OS at all. You can buy an OS-free or 100% unsupported random Linux OS machine any day from many vendors.

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