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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris It seems that the previous news about Mandriva SA being for sale have been more than simple rumors. Frederic Cuif* (incorrectly unaccented due to limitations in our CMS), active member of the French-speaking Mandriva User Group has summed up the various outcomes and proposed projects he found after contacting several key members of the company in order to gather information. The result of his investigation can be found on his blog, along with a detailed analysis of the Mandriva business model and the proposed outcomes, from a renewed interest in the distribution and the community from Linagora, potential buyer, to what could be the end of the Mandriva adventure if nothing is done. (Thanks to everybody who submitted this)
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I'm not really a fan of the kitchensink approach of Yast and DrakeConf. I like the old Unix philosophy of small tools that do one job right better. In my experience it's easier to edit one configuration file once in a while.
This depends on usage of course. I know that there are lots of fans of these kinds of config software. It definetely has its users. I haven't missed it in Ubuntu so far.
Actually, the draktools are a collection of small tools. Drakconf is the glue between them. The good thing about the draktools is that they don't overwrite your config files. You can still edit them directly and the draktools will work with that. In my experience, some tasks are easier to do with the draktools, even if I still edit files directly when I feel it is quicker. For instance managing services without a tool for that would be very cumbersome.

Is it still the case, that Mandriva offers only support for two years after a release? That can be awfully short for bigger deployments. Canonical's LTS approach could be a way for Mandriva to please Admins.

This point has been raised in the idea box:

This is a good idea in my opinion. Some people feel this need is filled by Mandriva corporate desktop and that supporting LTS releases for a small number of non-paying users would cost too much. In theory it could work if there are enough paying users. Currently, Mandriva's biggest problem is finance.

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