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Linux Dell has posted a page extolling the virtues of Linux (Ubuntu in particular), with a quick explanation of what Linux is and how it compares against Windows. Of course, the page links off to Dell's various computers that ship with Linux pre-installed.
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Are you sure about this?

No, I don't have a Dell. It just strikes me as ovbious that Dell OEM Ubuntu don't have the version upgrades enabled. I admit I'm not sure about it though.
And if so, is this something Dell does on its hardware or are you attributing this to general Canonical behavior? I ask because I've installed older versions of Ubuntu attempting to get some idea of which version offered the best hardware and software support mix and I've always gotten prompted to upgrade to the newest version of Ubuntu unless I shut it off in the manner you suggest.

So is this something Dell does on all its Ubuntu releases or are we misunderstanding each other here?

I assume Canonical does that on the OEM version for Dell. Not doing so would be weird in my opinion. People who buy Dell with OEM Ubuntu preinstalled don't want version updates.

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