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Linux Dell has posted a page extolling the virtues of Linux (Ubuntu in particular), with a quick explanation of what Linux is and how it compares against Windows. Of course, the page links off to Dell's various computers that ship with Linux pre-installed.
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sakeniwefu speculated...

I don't think it is more likely to break on update than any other hardware configuration.

If anything it is less likely as many Ubuntu developers and testers will be using the machine and if nothing else sending the bug reports down to people working upstream.

I missed this statement the first time through, but in reading through the comments again I saw it and cannot allow it to go by uncommented on.

Ubuntu's idea of upstream bugfixes are a joke. Just read through some of the threads on Launchpad and see how often their users have reported issues, often months before the final release of the operating system only for the bugs to get ignored and pushed off to "upstream" by which Canonical means Debian. There have been major showstopper bugs in the last three releases, especially for those on netbooks like the ones Dell is offering here, the Launchpad was full of posters reporting the issues and asking that the final release be delayed slightly so these issues could be fixed--the response was uniformly time and time again that Ubuntu would not delay the release but the fixes would come quickly after the final was released. Canonical seems to have a different idea of "quickly" since the issues in question often weren't fixed for weeks after the final. In one case it was three months after the final for an issue to get fixed that caused a hard halt of the netbook, the user's only option was to do a hard reset. Three months after release for an issue that was discovered three months before the release during the alpha!

Forgive me if I seem a little credulous about the bug reports meaning anything after seeing that process over and over through several releases! Perhaps Dell has a bit more pull and its netbooks don't suffer such issues, but certainly ASUS was unable to get things to work...


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