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Linux Canonical recently announced that they are developing a tablet version of their popular Ubuntu operating system, slated to be released in 2011. This comes hot on the heels of the release of the Apple iPad, and the rumors that HP plans to release a WebOS-based tablet sometime late 2010. However, Canonical's foray into the tablet arena is fundamentally different from both the iPad and a WebOS tablet, and unfortunately reeks of a company failing to learn from their competitors successes and failures.
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[[[ They’re scaling down instead of building up ]]]

About this comment, I'd like only to point out that Ubuntu is NOT Gnome, nor KDE, nor anything like that.
Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that has shown it's potential by creating on top of a known and proven architecture different kinds of DE's.

Actually, if there is one OS which can be more easily and more successfully brought to tablet-computing maturity it's linux because of it's non-binding structure.
I am nothing more than a medium user as far as kernel and deep system knowledge, yet I'm able to build my own Ubuntu box starting from a CLI only system based on the hardware i'm installing it on (be it an old imac G3 I decide to install with an IceWM, or a full-powered machine with gnome and all sorts of goodies, or an old HTC Universal that I use as a portable evolution+firefox+documents+messaging device...)

And I know I'll have system-tools and general behaviour I know pretty well since it's consistent accross all the pc's I use.

If I can do it... I think Canonical might do it also...

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