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Linux Linux Magazine has a profile of Daniel Fore and the Elementary project. Elementary is a Linux distro that's committed to a clean and simple user experience, but it's more than a distro - it's actually a multi-pronged effort to make improvements to the user experience for a whole ecosystem of components, including icons, a GTK theme, Midori improvements, Nautilus, and even Firefox. The work that elementary is doing isn't limited to their own distro, and some of their work is available in current, and perhaps future, Ubuntu releases. The results are really striking, and I think it's probably the handsomest Linux UI I've ever seen.
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Installed it on Ubuntu
by Nanotube on Mon 21st Jun 2010 14:20 UTC
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It's nice, basically a Mac OS X like interface... but linux desktops have a long way to go before they are truly usable by the general crowd.

What really gets me is the horrible installation process. Open up the terminal, install this and that and that... f*ck off! I want a normal installation package - like the ones you can find on Mac and windows. Download, double click, next, next, password and done. Why is it so hard to do on linux?! I tried installing Firefox 3.1.3 when it was brand new and the version I had was 3.1. I couldn't get it to work!! A f*cken browser installation!! Horrible.

Anyway, it's another step in the right direction.

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