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Privacy, Security, Encryption I've bored the readers of my personal website to death with two rather prosaic articles debating the Linux security model, in direct relation to Windows and associated claims of wondrous infections and lacks thereof. However, I haven't yet discussed even a single program that you can use on your Linux machine to gauge your security. For my inaugural article for OSNews, I'll leave the conceptual stuff behind, and focus on specific vectors of security, within the world of reason and moderation that I've created and show you how you can bolster a healthy strategy with some tactical polish, namely software.
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RE[3]: Comment by Dedoimedo
by fewt on Mon 21st Jun 2010 17:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Dedoimedo"
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And what do you mean by: This is exactly the mistake that Microsoft made in 80s, 90s?

Do you seriously not know?

it's all about statistical probability.

the home usage security card is seriously overplayed

Real security is agnostic

Exploits exist, vulnerabilities exist. On the same note, huge meteors exist and cosmic ray bursts exist. Likelihood of witnessing one before imminent doom? Not very high.

All mistakes Microsoft made until they decided to take security seriously.

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