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Linux Linux Magazine has a profile of Daniel Fore and the Elementary project. Elementary is a Linux distro that's committed to a clean and simple user experience, but it's more than a distro - it's actually a multi-pronged effort to make improvements to the user experience for a whole ecosystem of components, including icons, a GTK theme, Midori improvements, Nautilus, and even Firefox. The work that elementary is doing isn't limited to their own distro, and some of their work is available in current, and perhaps future, Ubuntu releases. The results are really striking, and I think it's probably the handsomest Linux UI I've ever seen.
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RE[2]: Installed it on Ubuntu
by Nanotube on Mon 21st Jun 2010 23:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Installed it on Ubuntu"
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1995 wants it's FUD back.

Ah, you mean just like when you click on a .deb file in Ubuntu or Kubuntu and it just installs the application? Heck, it even downloads needed pre-requisites for you.


Since you obviously have no idea what you're talking about and obviously haven't used a mainstream distro in the last 10 years or so you should stop flaunting your ignorance.

Oh you're a real genius aren't you?

Seriously?! there are .deb files?! Wahhh... anyway, there was no deb file for FF when I wanted to update it (looked for hours on the net). Had to go to the terminal for that and I am not exactly a terminal master - and why should I be?! Same happened when I wanted to install the elemental desktop. Had to type in four different sudo commands in the terminal. WHY?!?!?
That's the whole damn problem with this OS and that's why it will remain stuck below 1% of the market as long as it doesn't change.

typing sudo commands gives you a woody? good for you!
I don't give a shit about terminals, I want to use a free OS that is fast, stable and EASY TO USE.

PEBKAC my ass.

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