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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has Windows Mobile 6.x (on the way out) Windows Phone 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Compact 7 and then Windows 7 for tablet PCs and netbooks. What this bevy of systems is missing is a coherent answer for the tablet form factor. Windows Embedded Compact 7, which is the OS aimed at the mobile sector, isn't yet released, and when it is, it won't have a uniform UI, but will depend on hardware vendors to customize. It's an appealing strategy from the vendors point of view, I guess because they get to differentiate their products from their competitors, but it's not a recipe for success.
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I agree with you, in that, a competitor to Apple needs to produce a device that does not just give you the "Me Too" features, but truly innovates, and brings something new to the party.

For all the shininess and "Wow" factor, I'm sure there are must-have features that a competitor such as Google, or a hardware competitor like HTC can design into their product line. And I don't mean a forward facing camera. I don't think Apple thought of everything when it comes to the ipad.

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