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Amiga & AROS The fabled Amiga X1000 has been spotted in the wild, in the homeliest of places--Station X, a.k.a Bletchley Park. "The AmigaOne X1000 is a custom dual core PowerPC board with plenty of modern ports and I/O interfaces. It runs AmigaOS 4, and is supported by Hyperion, a partner in the project. The most interesting bit, though, is the use of an 500Mhz XCore co-processor, which the X1000's hardware designer describes as a descendant of the transputer - once the great hope of British silicon." With thanks to Jason McGint, 'Richard' and Pascal Papara for submissions.
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XCore != FPGA
by merkoth on Tue 22nd Jun 2010 15:36 UTC
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The XMOS XCore included in the X1000 is a programmable co-processor, not a FPGA. FPGAs are integrated circuits designed to be configured using a hardware description language. That way, it is possible to make them behave like a wide array of hardware configurations: From simple logic gate arrays to an entire System On a Chip.

For example, the hardware provided by the OpenGraphics project (OGD1) is pretty much an FPGA kit that happens to work like a graphics card. This is very useful while working on hardware design, since it's possible to make "hardware" changes without actually having to build a new hardware piece.

The XCore, on the other hand, is a programmable processing unit like any other. This means you can run code on it to make it perform a whole variety of tasks, but it isn't intended to "model" a hardware design.

It seems to have some interesting properties that could make it interesting for the geek audience: Deterministic execution and integrated IO ports makes it ideal for things like DSP (digital signal processing) and probably media processing in general.

To me, it's just a wink to the Amiga fanbase, and a tribute to the original A1000, which included some sweet custom chips back in its time ;)

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