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Apple So, I might not be able to do much work on OSNews due to my internship (I always wondered what tumble weeds looked and sounded like on a website - now I know), but I did know one thing: Monday, June 21, is iTunes day. This means launching that horrid mess to go through the painstakingly archaic backup/update iTunes/update iOS routine (and yes, they still try to cheat you into installing Safari) - because Apple released iOS 4.0 today, adding a number of welcome features to bring the iOS up to par with the competition.
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RE[3]: Sigh
by bousozoku on Tue 22nd Jun 2010 17:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Sigh"
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Custom backgrounds not possible on an iPhone 3G?, only because it is 12 months old. please that is not excusable

According to this, performance was the reason:

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