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Privacy, Security, Encryption A Computerworld editorial takes note of some interesting changes Dell made to the Linux page we linked to last week. They watered down some of their pro-Linux claims, but not as far as you might think.
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Comment by joekiser
by joekiser on Tue 22nd Jun 2010 17:28 UTC
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Looks like they reworded the article to champion the merits of using Ubuntu, whereas before the article was a biased comparison of Ubuntu against Windows. For example, the chart which previously compared Ubuntu applications to their Windows counterparts now only focuses on Ubuntu, and removes the faulty claim that is not available for Windows. In fact, the only mention of Windows at all is in the introductory paragraph, which explains what an operating system does.

I don't see this as bullying from Microsoft. If anything, the updated article is more streamlined due to its reduced scope (the merits of Ubuntu as opposed to an unrealistic comparison of Windows to Linux).

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