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Amiga & AROS The fabled Amiga X1000 has been spotted in the wild, in the homeliest of places--Station X, a.k.a Bletchley Park. "The AmigaOne X1000 is a custom dual core PowerPC board with plenty of modern ports and I/O interfaces. It runs AmigaOS 4, and is supported by Hyperion, a partner in the project. The most interesting bit, though, is the use of an 500Mhz XCore co-processor, which the X1000's hardware designer describes as a descendant of the transputer - once the great hope of British silicon." With thanks to Jason McGint, 'Richard' and Pascal Papara for submissions.
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sed s/nuveau/nouveau/g < article?

I agree with increasing the popularity of lisp-like languages to counter the tide of object-orientation.

Didn't know haskell is so automatically parallelisable -- had played with it and I know about the strictness of functional-ness : so much that they had to pretty much invent the convoluted monads to encapsulate IO. No wonder they decided to put in so much effort.

Now, if you want a programming geek's dream computer, it had better come with coreboot + openfirmware + super-multicore + <insert self.likes> + ...

This intrigues me -- if super-multicore + haskell imply the possibility of real time ray tracing graphics, then it also means, with opencl and whatnot, GPU-intensive gaming without lag. Look, ma! 100 fps max settings resident evil! The virus has wrinkles!

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