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Privacy, Security, Encryption A Computerworld editorial takes note of some interesting changes Dell made to the Linux page we linked to last week. They watered down some of their pro-Linux claims, but not as far as you might think.
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by UltraZelda64 on Wed 23rd Jun 2010 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: From the article ..."
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Whatever the case, the reality remains the same. Windows has always been, and still is, the low hanging fruit--ever since it took over DOS' market share. And it has traditionally been poorly designed, just like its pathetic predecessor. Coincidence? Not saying that Linux or any other OS for that matter is perfect, but if I were to be browsing porn, you could be damn well sure I'd be doing it on any mainstream OS *besides* Windows.

It's like wearing a rubber... the viruses may possibly be there, but you're less likely to "send" or "receive" them and become infected. Windows at one point offered the protection of nothing at all, but now I'd say it offers the protection of a cheap, generic type of condom. Meanwhile, Linux and BSD have proven themselves over and over, while Windows' nuts and bolts (heh heh) were finally tightened to a more acceptable level with Vista.

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