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General Development "For three years [my] son Ben, and I have engaged in a quixotic but determined quest: We've searched for a simple and straightforward way to get the introductory programming language BASIC to run on either my Mac or my PC. Why on Earth would we want to do that, in an era of glossy animation-rendering engines, game-design ogres and sophisticated avatar worlds? Because if you want to give young students a grounding in how computers actually work, there's still nothing better than a little experience at line-by-line programming." Looking beyond the immediate fear-inducing acronym BASIC, this article delves deeply into what it means to simply be in control--via a basic understanding of under the hood--of your own computer, and how our whiz-bang world of technology today is failing to bestow this understanding on this generation of would-be hackers.
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Basic? No, start with Pascal!
by coolvibe on Wed 23rd Jun 2010 07:03 UTC
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At least I did. It has everything. Sure, I statred with BASIC on my C64, but I quickly dropped that like a brick when I had access to MONITOR and could mess with assembler. But that's offtopic.

Later forays into coding was with Turbo Pascal. Pascal has given me habits (neat indenting, declaring everything, good procedural coding, thinking things out before you implement them, etc.) that appear in my non-Pascal code today. And the compiler was fast.

Heck, Turbo Pascal had pointers, object oriented programming, inline assembler, pass by value/reference, and it was easy to create your own units (libraries) so you could easily reuse your code. What more do you want for a language to start out with?

Screw BASIC. Here's to Pascal!

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