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Privacy, Security, Encryption With Windows XP SP2 support ending in three weeks, a new report highlights the security risks that come with running an unsupported service pack.
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Not an argument / False argument.

Either you pay for training on how to use the ever changing appearances of microsoft products. Or you pay for training on how to use a certain linux flavour. So what?

Next: You can get commercial grade linuxes at no monetary cost. What you save there you can invest at another point, e.g. commercial linux support (just look at some computer magazines, where a lot of consulting and support is offered), or training. Or some pinches of beer the day after upgrade.

"Linux is not a magic elixir that magically saves money, it has costs associated with it, it just moves them from the OS and hardware(somewhat) side of the equation and moves them to the support and staff side."

It is indeed new to me that windows servers run out of the box, without the need for maintaining and support, and staff and upgrades.

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